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The Prime Patriot Members Area was created to offer Patriots a hub for support, news and American Made Patriotic Merchandise. We source all of our products from within the United States and only use high highest quality products.  Our mission help spread patriotism around the United States and help those in need who support and love America.  Each month, you can nominate a Patriot to receive financial assistance from The Prime Patriot.  Your monthly membership contributes to supporting our Nominate A Patriot Program.


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During the last 4 years, Patriotic Americans of all walks of life stood up to the Democratic Left Leaning Establishment politicians who have put their private agendas before the American Peoples.  A movement began... A movement that spread like wildfire through the United States of America... A movement that you and I are a part of!  We thank you for your continued support of The Prime Patriot and wish you good health, happiness and prosperity.


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